The Entertaining World Of Live Betting

The rise of internet betting sites has completely changed the world of betting. Faster internet connections now means that you can bet on a game for the entire duration of the match, rather than traditionally making your predictions ahead of time. This opens up a huge number of markets for you to bet on, making the whole experience much more exciting. The following are some of the most popular live betting markets.

Next Goalscorer

Football is by far and away the most common sport for live betting as a game can change in an instant with a goal or red card. Live betting allows you to move away from the traditional first goalscorer bets and respond to the form and action on the pitch by picking the player you think most likely to put the ball in the net next.

Full Time Result

Another football related market, picking the full time result from the current score is an exciting way to make some money. Obviously the odds become much shorter as the game progresses, but you can add a bit of skill by watching the teams and try to predict if there are any further goals coming. You can either predict the winning team or for higher odds and more excitement, try to predict the final score.

Time of Next Wicket

There has been a lot of controversy over spot fixing in cricket in recent years, but for normal punters, there are plenty of live betting options. The easiest one to place is the time of the next wicket, and you can either choose a spread of actual time slots or a range of overs. You’ll obviously get better odds in a five day game than in a 20:20 fixture.

Cashing Out In Play

The most exciting development in live betting in recent years has been the invention of cashing out before the end of the game. This means that, for reduced odds of course, you can cash out at any point where you’re winning. This only applies to win, lose or draw bets but can be a good way to bring in small but steady amounts of money from a range of games.