Flop, Turn, River – The Basics of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a booming poker game on the internet and up to seven players can play. Each player rotates being the dealer. The game proceeds clockwise to the left of the current dealer. Next, and to left of the dealer sits ‘Small Blind’ (SB), and to his/ her left sits ‘Big Blind’ (BB). ‘Blinds’ are the players who are required to set the level of betting in each game. The game’s main events are the Flop, Turn, and the River.

To start, the SB opens the betting at say 5.00. The following bets must be made in double increments e.g. the BB next to bet, bets 10.00. The bets are set. The dealer deals two cards face down, known as ‘hole cards’. The third person on the dealers left actions the betting. Each player in turn bets to fold, call or raise. You ‘fold’ if the bet is too high or you don’t have a good hand; you ‘call’, to match the previous bet; or ‘raise’, doubling the bet to 20 or more. Once all the bets are equalled around the table they are placed into the pot. To play your best you must know your ‘Hand Hierarchy’ as well as sticking to a few golden rules, like never playing when you’re drunk or emotional. Get more tips here.

The ‘Flop’ is three ‘community cards’ dealt face up. The dealer always ‘burns’ the first card. The players match their ‘hole cards’ with the ‘Flop’ to get the best hand. Here, the players in addition to ‘Fold’, ‘Call’ or ‘Raise’ have the option to ‘Check’. ‘Checking’ allows you to stay in the game without betting. The ‘Turn’: is the fourth card added to the ‘Flop’. The betting goes around the table and is collected into the pot. The ‘River’: is the fifth and final card, the remaining players eventually ‘call’. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot.